Congratulations on your Free Trial!

Welcome to the AirFi family! Our vision is to enable a “Mall in the Sky” for your airline, and you have taken the first step in that direction. We are looking forward to working with you to make this trial a success!


Congratulations on having taken the first step towards a new vision for the future of your airline’s inflight experience!

Airlines gain significant competitive advantages when they use our solutions. You can now create and deliver memorable inflight entertainment experiences and modernize the onboard retail process that will boost ancillary revenues significantly. Crew operations are simplified through faster mobile transactions, paperless reporting and operations, and seamless communication capabilities.

Perhaps most significantly, our solutions also generate a wealth of granular passenger behavioural and transactional data for your airline, which further enables business analytics for the improvement of onboard operational efficiencies and revenues, as well as continuous improvement around cost management and the overall passenger experience. 

What might all this look like in practice? Watch the short video below!

Self-service in-seat ordering on Scoot

Features of Your Free Trial

  • Branded landing page
  • Award-winning content
  • 3D Moving Map
  • Onboard Retail Shop ( incl. Connected Crew)
  • AirFilytics – business analytics
  • Passenger Feedback Forms
  • Access to backend AirFi Portal

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    Terms and conditions

    01. Goal

    We are hyper-focused on helping you achieve your goals from this trial. Our intention is therefore to enable your passengers to try the inflight solution during the test flights, and to help you to understand, gather data and feedback on the experience of doing so. This will help you to refine the overall business case and set the right expectations across all stakeholders. We are in it together with you.

    02. Scope

    Based on our trial agreement with you, we will be able to provide a customised, branded look-and-feel to your trial passenger-facing applications. These browser-based applications will allow your passengers to wirelessly stream specific content that includes movies, videos, games, reading materials etc. directly to their personal devices. Passengers will also be able to access the very popular, interactive 3D Moving Map that displays the aircraft location in-flight. We will also be able to activate our onboard shopping application for the trial, along with other necessary features to support inflight, in-seat ordering, subject to our trial agreement. Last but not the least, you will be provided standard Analytics reports from our powerful AirFilytics data platform.

    03. Services

    We will assign a Customer Success Manager to you, to ensure close, personalised support for your trial. Should you require any support with the local civil aviation regulators and authorities around paperwork, we will be happy to assist as required. Based on our experience with over 70 airlines and railways globally over the last 10 years, you can rest assured that we will be dedicated to enabling you to enjoy a successful trial outcome.