Throughout our growth into the world’s leading provider of portable streaming solutions to airlines, AirFi  benefitted from the support of APEX/FTE and its members. Now, in our eighth year of membership, we feel deeply that it is time to give back to the Association that we think of as our family”.

AirFi has been a representative on APEX Tech committee since 2018 and more recently, Job Heimerikx, AirFi CEO, has increased commitment to APEX by becoming an active and vocal member of the APEX financial committee.

Now, he won’t stop talking about the 2021 APEX Board of Directors election and he wants every APEX member to know why he’s running for a position on it.
Job truly believes that he’ll bring a spirit of creativity and innovation to the APEX/FTE community by starting to “walk the walk” instead of just “talking the talk”. He’s laser-focused on helping the APEX/FTE community get through these strange times by ensuring financial stability of the APEX and upholding the organization’s Code of Conduct to improve integrity right across the industry. Integrity, he believes, is particularly important when a market is under pressure to ensure a healthy value chain from start to finish.
If you’ve met Job, you’ll know that he’s a happy guy who has time to listen to everybody. He keeps a positive mindset in the face of adversity and has flexible, inclusive approach to problem solving. He’s ready to prove his commitment to our industry with a new level of responsibility within APEX.

Here’s a short Q&A with Job so you can learn more about his bid to join the APEX Board of Directors, his approach to life and business, and his passion for our aviation community.

1.  How has being an APEX member benefitted AirFi?
APEX has been an important platform for AirFi company to get traction in the industry. Participating in both the shows as well as the various committees has enabled us to become known and respected as a new company to the industry. We’ve been able to learn from the insights of our peers and we’ve met and made a lot of wonderful friends, partners and customers. The sense of community in particular is something that I cherish.

2. Why do you want to join the Board?
The reason has not changed since I ran for the Board last year!  I think that APEX should be even more open to new innovations to wake up the industry and really support the passenger experience. More than ever in these difficult times, APEX has an important role to play. We must work hard in finding the best solutions to improve the passenger experience and acknowledge airlines that adapt and that implement new ideas, particularly as we all emerge from some very difficult challenges in these last 18 months.

3. What do you think are the top qualities a leader should have?
I am a very much facilitative leader and I believe in the power of listening and enabling others, keeping an open mind and respect for everybody. I take the forefront when times are difficult, but I let the people that do the hard work take the honour for their work in good times. Something I particularly feel is useful is to keep an eye on, and to remind people about that point on the horizon, the vision, the objective. Aiming the organisation to steer towards the True North.

4. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing APEX right now?
I think that being a member as an airline and vendor has never been more important than in difficult times. Keeping the members on board and standing strong together around the world is a true challenge. With different situations per continent, different impacts on financials and different business uncertainties, being an organisation for all members remains a challenge. I also believe that we must remain inspired to think of the environment and the sustainability of our industry. This planet is the only one we’ve got!

5. What do you think are some of the greatest opportunities for APEX over the next few years?
We have an incredible opportunity to join our voices and send a unified message to the world on how to keep travelling safely, and at the same time create an ideal passenger experience in spite of all the new health and sanitation requirements. The program that we have started on COVID-safe travelling should be continued and will remain to be important for the next couple of years. At the same time, I see room to also start contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, thus demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and global responsibility. I also feel that we can do a lot of good in terms of “greening up” the passenger experience!!

6. IF you are elected, how will you balance your new responsibilities with running AirFi?
They go nicely hand in hand. My role as founder/CEO has now evolved to become more of a CEO/ambassador role. I see an enhanced responsibility within APEX as natural evolution and extension to our current contributions within the TECH and finance committees. The well-being of APEX directly contributes to our industry, and this directly contributes to AirFi.

7. Who inspires you in terms of leadership style? Do you have a saying or quote/mantra that you like to live by?
Without a doubt I look up to Lee Iacocca (may he rest in peace). His biography was the first management book I ever read. The story behind the development of the Ford Mustang and his eye for the market was truly remarkable, let alone his style of management.

I do carry two personal mantras:
Mantra number one is all about achieving maximum growth and impact:
“If it all seems to be under control, you are not going fast enough” – F1 driver, Mario Andretti
This quote has been on our office wall for many years and stands for our drive to change the world as fast as we can and take some risk here and there.

My other personal mantra is:
“Never a dull moment!”
This stands for my curiosity for the world and constant drive for momentum in business, meeting people and experiencing new ideas and cultures.

8. What can you bring to APEX that nobody else can bring?
Being the leader of one of the fastest growing market players, I believe I can bring a different point of view to APEX in terms of further opening up the industry to new innovations, new ideas and the excitement of fostering start-ups, who as we know, often bring some of the most disruptive ideas to market![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]