The crew’s best friend for onboard sales

It only takes 5 seconds to complete a transaction. AirFi brings the latest payment solutions to the cabin supporting a wide range of payment options offline. The self-explanatory app requires limited to no training and eliminates most to all administrative paperwork for the crew. With all tablets communicating, you can share inventory levels, transaction data and passenger remarks, making sure that all administration and consolidation is done in the background.

The Connected Crew has a strong track-record in reducing payment fraud, administrative inconsistencies (both with cash-drop as well as inventory reporting) and has increased sales in some cases by over 20%.

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Innovation in accepting payments offline

The Connected Crew mPOS solution continues to evolve with the ever-changing payment market, accepting a wide range of e-wallets, maestro debit cards and loyalty program vouchers. The system is set up in a multi redundant to ensure that the transaction can always continue. Connected Crew, in the market since 2011, is very scalable being able to process millions of transactions per day.

The Connected Crew can be used in conjunction with the AirFi box, allowing passengers to do in-seat ordering. API’s are available to connect to 3rd party ERP systems and to have pre-orders active.

The Connected Crew is always on the forefront on Cabin innovation, being the central vocal point for the crew to manage all cabin operations.

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