Air Arabia and Air Seychelles join the AirFi Wireless IFE family. Air Arabia becomes AirFi’s seventh customer in the vibrant Middle East North African market as AirFi asserts its market sector dominance, adding the region’s largest LCC fleet. Air Seychelles sign agreement to deploy AirFi on its all new Airbus A320neo aircraft set to join the fleet from July 2019.


  • Air Arabia has been a regional success story – MENA’s first and largest LCC – and recently celebrated its 15 years with the launch of a new brand identity.
  • AirFi “SkyTime” has entered into service across Air Arabia’s fleet of A320 aircraft.
  • Air Seychelles, 40% owned by Etihad, is the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles and is a pillar of tourism, the island nation’s strongest growing economic sector.
  • AirFi will provide wireless streaming inflight entertainment aboard its new Airbus A320neo aircraft.

JUNE 17, 2019 – THE HAGUE, Netherlands AirFi, the leading provider of flexible Wireless IFE systems and cabin retail technology, announces Air Arabia has become its newest and largest customer in the Middle East region and Air Seychelles have signed for AirFi Wireless IFE across their all-new A320neos.

Following a successful 10-aircraft trial over recent months, Air Arabia signed with AirFi for its fleet of short- and medium-haul aircraft stationed in Sharjah. “SkyTime” will feature a comprehensive line up of multi-language, premium AVOD content tailored to their demographic of family and price-conscious business travelers around the Gulf region, Northern Africa, Indian subcontinent, Russia, Central Asia and Europe.

“We are thrilled to welcome Air Arabia to our Wireless IFE family as we further strengthen our leadership in this exciting fast growing aviation region. Our long-standing track record of success enables us to serve ever larger and more complicated fleet networks like the new operation in Sharjah.” comments Job Heimerikx, CEO AirFi.

Critical to the Air Arabia decision was a clear demonstration of the AirFi system’s flexibility, performance and reliability.

Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles has selected AirFi for its new Airbus A320neo entertainment platform to modernize the onboard digital experience, providing guests greater flexibility, value and control when using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop devices.

Air Seychelles joins the AirFi global family, now spanning 65 countries and expands the company’s regional footprint following recent implementations at Air Namibia and Nile Air in Africa as well as by other A320neo operators in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Remco Althuis, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles said: “The aviation industry is evolving globally and aircraft operators are increasingly looking into ways to further enhance the experience of their guests in addition to ensuring their business generates better revenue.

“AirFi will allow Air Seychelles to operate more efficiently because with the elimination of seatback screens, guests will need to use their own devices and headsets to stream the entertainment content. Therefore with less on board equipment and less impact in the weight, Air Seychelles will be able to better generate its fuel efficiency.

“At the end of the day throughout the transformation plan our mandate is to ensure that the products Air Seychelles chooses are reliable, sustainable, plus cost effective and after intense research we have identified AirFi as the best option moving forward.”

Job Heimerikx, Chief Executive Officer of AirFi highlighted: “We warmly welcome Air Seychelles to the AirFi family. We look forward in providing entertainment and joy to their passengers. AirFi’s robust structure makes the system ideal for operators in wonderful though remote places like the Seychelles.”