AirFi has announced three deals with airlines in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to supply wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) services.

Netherlands-based wireless IFE company AirFi announced that Bamboo Airways has chosen the company’s portable wireless in-flight entertainment solution. The Vietnam-based carrier, which started operations last January, will deploy AirFi’s IFE solution on board its fleet of eight Airbus A319s and A320s. AirFi said it will provide hardware, software and ancillary revenue generation. AirFi worked closely with content provider Touch Inflight, which is supplying Bamboo Airways’ selection of Hollywood and Vietnamese movies, TV shows and audio content, including audiobooks and music.

“We’re delighted that Bamboo has selected AirFi to underpin its strategy to provide the best possible in-flight passenger experience. AirFi will be packed with the latest Hollywood, international and diverse regionally focused and inspired content,” said Martijn Moret, AirFi’s cofounder and executive vice-president, Commercial Asia and Middle East. “The Asia-Pacific passenger demographic is very diverse and so we have been expanding our in-country expertise using data intelligence we derive from passenger usage to select the best, most cost-effective content and create new profitable ancillary revenue streams.”

Following a successful trial with Air Arabia over the past few months on board 10 aircraft, the Gulf carrier has committed to AirFi’s IFE system, citing its flexibility, performance and reliability as factors in the decision.

Branded as SkyTime on board Air Arabia flights, AirFi said its IFE solution will offer multi-language, premium audio and video content tailored to the airline’s demographic, which it said comprises family and price-conscious business travelers from the Gulf region, Northern Africa, Indian subcontinent, Russia, Central Asia and Europe.

“We are thrilled to welcome Air Arabia to our wireless IFE family as we further strengthen our leadership in this exciting fast-growing aviation region. Our long-standing track record of success enables us to serve ever larger and more complicated fleet networks like the new operation in Sharjah,” said Job Heimerikx, CEO of AirFi.

Air Seychelles also announced it selected AirFi as the IFE hardware and content provider for its forthcoming Airbus A320neo scheduled for delivery next month. The deal was originally announced in April, but went under the radar.

Remco Althuis, Air Seychelles’ CEO, highlighted the portability of AirFi’s wireless IFE system which he said will allow the airline to “operate more efficiently” because it doesn’t require the added weight of seatback screens. “With less onboard equipment and less impact in the weight, Air Seychelles will be able to better generate its fuel efficiency,” he said. “At the end of the day throughout the transformation plan our mandate is to ensure that the products Air Seychelles chooses are reliable, sustainable, plus cost effective and after intense research we have identified AirFi as the best option moving forward.”

In addition to announcing the three deals, AirFi said that a 2019 study of wireless in-flight entertainment vendors placed the company as the fifth largest in the market globally. AirFi also said that its products accounted for 56% of all global portable IFE system deployments.