Driven by Innovation

We are on a mission to ensure AirFi remains the most trusted solution for airlines and other mass transportation operators, focused on improving the onboard digital experience of passenger and crew

Job Heimerikx, CEO

Our Story

We’ve never looked back since the inception of Airfi.Aero in 2011 and setting up our production facilities for AirFi Boxes in Amsterdam. Our phenomenal growth led us to set-up the Innovative Development Center in Bangalore, India; in 2015.

We are a market leader in providing portable onboard Wi-Fi platforms, Onboard Passenger Entertainment & Mobile Crew Sales Solutions to different passenger travel segments. We are expanding our team in our Bangalore based Development Center and are the world’s fastest growing company in mobile in-flight entertainment and ancillary sales solutions (EPoS).

Yet, we still work with the zeal of a startup and bring disruptive innovations in a cost-effective manner to the airline cabin and other modes of passenger transports. We make thousands of passengers and crew happy everyday all over the globe!


The AirFi Commitment

Safety First

From battery technology, onboard procedures, media management and payment/data protection, security and reliability are at the heart of it all

Ease of Operation

Minimal touches throughout the airline operation to deliver maximum enjoyment at the passengers’ own devices

Latest Content

All the IFE choices you expect like movies, TV, moving maps and magazines plus other exciting features like seat chat, shopping and surveys

Rapid Deployment

We are now rolling out full fleets within a matter of weeks