The world’s most used portable IFE

Experience the power of portability. Every feature you would expect from an in-seat IFE solution provided in a small 2 kg box. The AirFi box can be portable or installed, fitting every airline operation and with minimal to no involvement from the crew a perfect tool to implement overnight creating a very cost-effective tool to improve passenger experience.

Putting you at the heart
of what we do

Keeping it simple

Rapid deployment. No additional testing or STC required. Easy for crew. Universal access for passengers. Centrally controlled.

Keeping costs low

Maintenance- and obsolescence-free. Fully flexible pricing per aircraft. Proprietary hardware, software, content and services from one vendor.

Generating new income

AirFi Wireless IFE and Connected Crew help you generate new revenues through a whole new interactive world of possibilities onboard.

Continually innovating

Our on-going commitment to innovation means AirFi is the best-selling system in its class. From App-free DRM to touchless operations.

Our products

Leading mPOS: Connected Crew

Being used worldwide by over 50.000 different crewmembers, supporting the operation of some of the leading catering companies in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia with both iOS and Android applications, Connected Crew is the most complete and versatile mPOS product in the world.

The new kid on the block: AirFi LEO

Aircraft connectivity without the large investment, changes to the aircraft fuel burn and drag. Allow your passengers to send messages to the ground and connect your crew to the the ground inflight. A window-fit antenna combined with the AirFi-box are all that is needed.


With many customers across Aviation, Rail, Bus and Coach industries. The flexibility of our platform enables clients to do more with less – all around the globe – from wide-body jets to regional aircraft and from high-speed trains to regional coaches. Don’t take our word for it…

Some AirFi milestones
Customers using AirFi